The Best Palette Ever!đź’„

Hi fellow fashion lovers, readers and bloggers. Today I am going to talk about the best palette ever for the holidays. If you are going somewhere christinaspecial for the holidays and need a new makeup look try the Sephora Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. I own this palette and it is amazing, it also comes with a full exposure mascara!This palette has 7 matte nude colors and 7 shine nude colors. With these colors you can create an amazing smoky eye (which I love)! Sephora sells this palette and they also give away free testers so if you dislike the palette you don’t waste your money.If you have tried this palette and like or dislike it please comment!

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Hi fellow fashion lovers, bloggers and readers. Today I am going to type about my favorite YouTuber. Nikkie De Jager is my favorite christina nikkie tutorialsbeauty guru. She started her own YouTube channel called NikkieTutorials and website called NikkieTutorials/The Beauty Madness. Nikkie uploads makeup videos every Tuesday .Nikkie is such a good speaker and she has a great makeup collection! My favorite videos by her are called hits and oh god no’s. hits and oh god no’s are videos about great products Nikkie likes and dislikes. She explaines very well why she likes or dislikes a brand or product. I also adore her website, she put so much work into the things she does. As most of you know I have a passion for makeup, but what you don’t know is almost everything I know I’ve learned from her. If you are interested in my blog than I think you will love her YouTube channel and website. you can visit Nikkie at comment if you follow Nikkie on YouTube or her website! Photo credit

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Nail’d It!

christinaHi fellow fashion lovers today I am going to type to you about nail art. If you are always up in the latest fashion you will know its not just about clothes and shoes anymore. Nail art has blowen up all over the country, young woman every where love nail art. Thier is a new show called nail’d it on the oxygen network. Each week three top nail artist compete to win ten thousand dollars. Nail artists will have to show passion, christinatalent,and no mercy! The competitors have 3 or 4 hours to complete a nail look on the topic the host names. The show airs every Tuesday at 9:00pm . This is a great show for people  like me ( people who love competition, art, and fashion). I love this show because you get to see different versions of topics on nails. My favorite nail artist so far is classic mully. Classic has a lot of atitude but when it comes to nails she is amazing! She put a different twist on the topic life and death. If you whant to see if this amazing artist won the episode go ahead and watch! If you have ever seen this show or have been on it please comment!



Vote Vote Vote!

Hi fellow bloggers and readers as you might know I have been nominated for best student blog! I need your help to vote for me once every day so I can try and win. I would like to thank all the Edublog judges who voted for me! Remember you are not obligated to vote for me, you can vote for other nominees like Dave Online, Sofia Online, or anyone you like (but it would be great if you voted for me). Remember please cast your vote once a day and have fun!  If you voted for me or are on the nominee list please comment on my blog! Vote for best student blog 

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Winter Fashion👢

Zurich_Fashion_(6673273169)Hi fashion lovers.

Let’s face it the weather this time of year is getting really cold. Snow pants are an option of staying warm, but if that’s not your style than follow these fashion tips. You can by some knee high boots (which are in fashion this season), those will keep the majority of your legs warm. Big coats with faux (fake) fur are warm and stylish. If you already have a furless big coat. Fur cuffs can be found at winners for 6 dollars. Pop pom beanie hats are super cute and inexpensive. They will tie your in style, warm, winter look together. This will be one cool outfit for this time of year or should I say warm. If you try this look out or have fashion advise please comment! photo credit Wikimedia commons.


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All I Want For Christmas Is…

christina xmasMerry Christmas fellow bloggers and readers. All I want for Christmas is… I have a lot of things on my Christmas list. I would like a new laptop(which I probably wont get). I would like 2 perfumes the Killer Queen Oh So Sheer and Royal Revolution both by Katy Perry. I would like one Elf lipstick called the Elf Studio Lip Exfoliator. I would like 2 make up pallets called the Urban Decay Naked pallet and the Sephora Collection Moon Shadow Baked In The Nude palette. I don’t want a lot of things for Christmas. One thing I would really like for Christmas  is to give to the less fortunate.  This year I am giving all my old clothes, shoes, toys etc. to people who really need it. Now that I think about it Christmas isn’t about presents (although its fun to get them) its about family and fun! I hope you all get what you want for Christmas and have a fun Christmas vacation! Photo credit Wikimedia commons.





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Happy Birthday To Me!

Guess what’s this week?  My birthday. Hi bloggers and readers today I am going to type to you about… well my birthday. I love throwing big and fun parties with all my friends. The best part about my parties are getting together with my closest best friends, eating cake, and getting presents! This year my family is going to have Chinese food because I love that stuff! What are you doing or have done for your birthday? Please comment if your birthday is on the 5th or in December! Photo credit from flikr creative commons.

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The Science Experiment That I Chose

I finally chose the science experiment that I want to work on. If you read my previous posts on the science fair you know that I had a lot of choices. In the end I chose… Investigating Beauty With The Golden Ratio (

This experiment fitS me well because I love beauty, as you know if you follow my blog. I  have never done anything with the golden ratio but if I try I think it will be fun.

If you have ever done this experiment, want to, or have been In a science fair before please comment!

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Mining For Cereal

christina bowl of cerealHi fellow scientists today I am going to type about my science fair ideas.  My choices are all from books, one book is named ”A Shadowy Science” and another is called ”Super Science Fair Projects”. ”My Shadow” is a topic I chose on how a shadow is maid and what it is. ”Mining For Cereal” is about how cereal acts to a wooden spoon and if it has any iron in it. ”Its Not Black Or White” is about the scientific hypothesis about when a wheel with black and white colors is spun it looks colorful. All of these topics seem very interesting and easy but if I where to choose one topic it would be ”Mining For Cereal”.  I have almost all the materials at my house. I think my project is very original and it will attract a good amount of people to my project. I have not yet chosen my final project but I think this will be a keeper. If you have done a science fair before or have good ideas for me please comment on my blog! Photo credit Wikimedia commons.


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