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Hi fellow bloggers,

I regret to inform you that soon I will be going on summer vacation and will not be blogging as much. I will try my best to write the best blogs possible when I soon reach grade 6. I might not be blogging for long but at least in the summer time I will still be  having fun. I just got a new trampoline that I really love and appreciate. I think I am going to be using it a lot. I will also have a pool party with my friends from school like Roxy, Lauren, Juliette etc. I will also(of course) be shopping a lot for my fav clothes and shoes! What will you be doing in the summer time?

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Elena’s Candy


These Shoes Where Made For Walking

I have a lot of shoes. I don’t just have 1 favorite pair, I have 3! The 1st pair of shoes  is my plastic bright orange Express flip flops with a big bow on top . I where them to go shopping and out to restaurants. My 2nd pair of shoes is my extremely comfortable black and white Keds(running shoes). I where them to play out side and  at school reassess.  My 3rd pair of shoes is my black Limited high-cut wedges. I love them because they are very pretty and in fashion. the best thing about them is they are comfortable.

Do you have a fav pair of shoes?



“Sam And Cat”

Arianna Grande is a great actress. She plays “Cat Valentine” in ”Victorious” (which has now ended). Now she plays cat in her own show “Sam and Cat “ She shares the spotlight with Jeanette Mc Curdy who plays “Sam”. Ari is one of my acting inspirations if I met her I would ask “Do you need to change any appetences of yours to play Cat?” , “ Are you a resemblance to Cat?” and “Do you like to play Cat?” Cat is an out going and very hilarious character. She is super cute and I love her wardrobe on set,  I would defiantly wear her clothes (if they would fit). Not just Aris character but the show it self is very hilarious there are a lot of inside jokes and amusing dilemmas that happen. I totally recommend this show and would love to meet the actors and actresses in “Sam and Cat”. Do you have a fav character or actress you would like to meet?


My Baby Bear!

christina babyThe day I got my puppy was the most exciting day of my life. The year was October 2013; I got her at a pet shop called Safari. My baby bear weighed 7 pounds she was a female Yorkshire terrier I call them Yorkies. The reason I named my dog “baby bear” is because she was small and fluffy like a baby bear and that’s how she got her name. I spoil my little dog rotten. I give her treats all the time and buy her big juicy bones. At night baby bear sleeps in my bed and I always cuddle with her and make her feel comfortable. Sometimes I wonder if she understands me or listens to me. Once you meet Baby Bear you got to love her! Do you have a pet that you love?

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Bows Bows Bows!

I am comGirlwithbowpletely obsessed with hair bows! Every day I wear a high pony tail with a colored bow that matches my out fit. I have 1 white bow, 1 bright orange,1  light pink,1  bright green, 1 turquoise,1  dark green,1  purple, and  1 black. In all I have 8 hair bows I have a lot of bows, am I right ? My favorite bow is bright green because its big and out going just like I am. One day I was shopping in a store called Claire’s and there was a wall full of hair bows that caught my attention and that’s when I started buying them. I started my addiction with bows in November, and I think I will  never stop wearing them! I didn’t start a trend with my bows but from time to time people wear them, just like my friend Lauren she has a white bow just like me. If you want to start a trend don’t base what you wear on what your friends wear be original and be yourself!

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Coco Chanel

christina chanel

My favorite fashion designer is Coco Chanel. She is one of my heroes, her fashion eye is very original. Chanel gives me great ideas to do original things with my clothes. She has been one if my greatest fashion inspiration’s.

My grand mother has a lot of Chanel items like perfume’s, make up, escecories ect. I always thought the things she hade wore  beautiful. I got into Chanel and started searching more about her. she  then became one of my fashion influence’s.

You might know Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel as Coco Chanel.  She was born on aug. 19 1871 Christina The Little Black Jacketand sadly died on Jan. 10 1971. Chanel lived till age 87 and died peacefully.

She was a great designer. Chanel founded the chanel brand and was a successful business woman. According to time magazine chanel was an good influence of the 19th century.  Through the years, her influence grew bigger in couture clothing.  Her brand name also grew into jewelry, make-up, perfumes etc.  The Chanel name has become an iconic product in several countries especially Paris, France, where she lived.

Chanel was very into her work and won numerous fashion awards like her “Niemen Marcus” award for best French fashion designer which she received in 1957.


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Ghost Whisperer

Jeghost whisperer christinannifer Love Hewitt (born Feb. 22 1979) played the part of the main character Malinda Gordon in Ghost whisperer. She won a Saturn award for best TV drama actress in 2008. Ghost whisperer aired in 2005 and sadly ended in 2010 it was on TV for about five yrs. The show follows the life of Malinda who has the ability to see and talk to spirits or ghosts. Malinda helps spirits that are stuck on earth, cross over into the light or spirit world.  Sometimes Malinda  faces problems and must use clues available to her to understand the spirits needs and help them. I like this show because their are a lot of cliff hangers, the show is very well planed out. I also like the idea of being able to contact with spirits, I would love to have that ability so I could talk with my ancestors! The show was created by john grey, the format 0f the show is a supernatural drama, fantasy, thriller, and mystery. Ghost whisperer was taped in the u.s.a and the original language is English. Their wasn’t a lot of seasons, only five and the number of episodes is 107.


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Christina dix30 imagesEvery day and every night I need a manicure done right! I love a good mani or pedi from time to time so I recommend “Rouge”. I live Canada, Quebec. We have a mall called the “Dix 30” there is a manicure and pedicure place called “Rouge”. They have menus and you can eat and drink will you get your mani and pedi done. You can also watch TV or a movie on your private flat screen. How awesome is that? Every December I and my mother (sometimes my friends) get our nails done. Rouge is the best place to get your nails done and I know because there are other places that aren’t so good. The last time I went to Rouge there was so many choices of color, I finally decided on a peach pink.

What’s your favorite nail polish and do you want to go to Rouge?

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Un-Finished Story

Christina Candy StoreOne day after school, Sophie went to the candy store to bye a tasty snack. When she arrived their was all kinds of candy, her favorite, her least favorite, and even kinds she never heard of like loliedrops and gumpops! Sophie got really exited when her eyes set on a huge and colorful jawbreaker. “Excuse me sir how much is that jawbreaker?” “no, you don’t want that bad things will happen!” the old sir said and looked very serious. “I do want it, how much?” “10.oo$” he said with a smirk. Sophie handed over the money and when she left she opened the rapper and plopped the jawbreaker into her mouth…


* Hi fellow bloggers and readers, this is my un-finished story and I am inviting you to finish it in the comments. hope you have fun from Christina. *  


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