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Children and adults all around the world are missing basic needs. Basic needs are important, everyone needs them to survive. A basic need is what you need to live for example clean water, warm clothes, shelter, food and sometimes money. If you live in a poor country or rich country, that can affect you basic needs.


In poor countries many people don’t have their essentials and in rich countries many people do have their essentials. Most of the time our governments find a way to try and help us with this problem. How many times has a person nocked on your door and asked for money or ask for a ride home because they don’t have essentials or basic needs? Each year I see people begging on the streets. When you don’t have basic needs you can get very unhealthy and in extreme measures even die.

Article 24

You have the right to good quality health care and clean water, nutritious foods and a clean environment, so that you can stay healthy. Rich countries should help poorer countries achieve this.

Source of this article: Unicef knows your rights and responsibilities.

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Cathederal Of The Holy Trinity > Edublog Challenge 3


WaHoly_Trinity_Quebec_City Christinarning children under 8 will get scared of this post.

There is a scary legend about an orthodox church in Quebec City, called the Cathedral Of The Holy Trinity. Back in the 18th century a narcoleptic woman was buried alive for being narcoleptic. In 18th century much people didn’t know what narcolepsy was, the  people might of thought something bad could of happened to the people of the great city. The spirit of the woman is said to hunt the cathedral near where she was buried. From time to time the great organ plays, with no living person by its side. The woman stands by the organ and looks down form the balcony to the cathedral below. A lot of organ players have seen the woman’s spirit, even people who have practiced their religion have seen her. The legend of this cathedral was talked about on an episode of creepy Canada. I think the woman hunts the cathedral because it is a sacred and holy place much like heaven.

For the people who don’t know narcoleptics are people who fall into a death like trans but are still alive, In other words sleepwalkers.

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Legendary Lovers | Edublogs Challenge 2

Hi fellow bloggers and readers. If you love music you better read this post!

On Ebony’s blog she talks about her favorite song called Budapest. She posted a music video for her song. Please visit her site, she gave me the idea to write this post.

My favorite song is Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry. This song is from her latest album called Prism. Her album is amazing, you music lovers should definitely buy it! Katy sang this song at her prismatic concert. I think this is  a love song just by looking at the tittle. This song is a slow but energized. I like this song because the words are catchy and the beat isn’t to fast or slow. It is one of those songs you will love forever! These are parts of the lyrics to this great song.

Under a silver moon,Tropical temperatureKaty_perry
I feel my lotus bloom
Come closer
I want your energy,
I want your aura
You are my destiny,
My mantra

I never knew I could see something so clearly looking through my third eye
Never knew karma could be so rewarding and bring me to your light
Maybe this is the beginning of something so magical tonight (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

what is your favorite song and how sings it?


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NFL Players And Violence

christina nflShould athletes who behave badly in their personal lives be punished in their professional lives?

In the news everyone is talking about star football players Ray rice and Adrian Peterson beating their family members. According to the news Ray Rice got into a fight with his wife in an elevator and punched her. Adrian Peterson’s son was over reacting and he spanked him on the rear end with a twig. I do think that the police should handle the situations. The player’s private lives are now open to the public because of the NFL. There are tons of fights deciding whether the men should be punished in their professional lives or just dealt with by the police.

I think the police should take care of these private incidents, if the NFL punishes the men their private lives will no longer be private. The police should punish ray and Adrian, instead of having the men suffer in their job and ways of making money. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blogging Friend! | Edublogs Challenge 2

BlogFrog_LogoHi fellow bloggers and readers. I know a lot of you like my blog, so you should check out my friend Karsyns blog. she wrote about photography and how much she loves it. I love photography is her only post, but I can tell she will be a strong blogger. Her all about me post had a lot of writing and of course that is a great thing! please check out her blog and feel free to leave a comment, I know I will!


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Katy Cat

untitledKaty_Perry_at_the_Prudential_Center_(cropped)About a month after school ended I got tickets to the Katy Perry prismatic concert at the bell center!  I hade the time of my life at this concert because I got invited on stage and  Katy even gave me a pizza (what a coincidence since my dad owns a pizza place). The next day I was famous my face was on 2 or 3 radio stations and every one in my family was calling me.My mom put me on facebook and so did my aunt! The concert it self was amazing everyone puts a lot of effort into world tours, Katy is also like the manager and ceo of Katy Perry she woks hard and of course plays hard! I will never forget the moment my dream came true I will always be a Katy Cat (fan).Is Katy your favorite singer or do you like one of her songs?


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My New Heritage

cristina heritageWhen you go to grade 6 everyone including yourself knows that your growing up. Next year I am going to Heritage Reaginal High School in Canada. I am exited yet nervous. I am hoping to get in to the art program. They also have acting, sports, ican, and other extra curriculars . I will work very hard and of course ill do my best in school. In october heritage is having an open house for new people entering the school, I am verry exited to visit. All my friends are going to heritage, so I wont be walking the halls alone! This school has gotten great reveiwes from thousands of people. Heritage is suposebly the best public high school in the country.If you would like more information on this amazing school Google ”Heritage Regional High School!”

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Bye Bye Summer!

Hi fellow bloggers and readers I’m back ! Unfortunately summer is over but that means more posts for you to read! Over summer vaycay I did a lot of things  I  got a new trampoline and I am practically always on it. My friend Bella and I are always swimming and having sleep overs! Of course I when shopping in Florida…and when in say shopping I mean a lot of shopping. I can say that my summer was really great! Id like to hear about your summer so comment below.

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In The Summer Time…

File:Summer Time.jpg

Hi fellow bloggers,

I regret to inform you that soon I will be going on summer vacation and will not be blogging as much. I will try my best to write the best blogs possible when I soon reach grade 6. I might not be blogging for long but at least in the summer time I will still be  having fun. I just got a new trampoline that I really love and appreciate. I think I am going to be using it a lot. I will also have a pool party with my friends from school like Roxy, Lauren, Juliette etc. I will also(of course) be shopping a lot for my fav clothes and shoes! What will you be doing in the summer time?

photo credit; Wikimedia commons

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