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christinachristina cereal siceneHi fellow blogers,readers,and science lovers! Today I am updating my science info for you guys or girls, as you know my science project is iron or iron.I have finnished my board and it didn’t take me that long,around a day or two (not to show off but…) I also finished my experiment twice, it was a little tricky but I managed. If you look at my previouse post “Science To Do List” I did everything their. Long story short I completed everything I needed to do!

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Science To Do List!

christina cereal sicene

My school science fair project is called ‘’Iron or Iron’ ’the project is due the 16th of March but I will be ready but the 14th. I will try to do the majority of this work in the week after school, and weekend.

The first step is to get the Materials and Equipment needed.

I will collect the following materials from home and the rest will be purchased at a store

Already have

  • Measuring cup
  • 3 large re-closeable plastic bags
  • Rolling pin
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Tape3 white coffee filter
  • Purchase
  • Magnet
  • Magnifying glass
  • breakfast cereals (1 cup of each type; 2      should be enriched; 1 should not be enriched)

 The second step is to do the Procedure with all your materials available.

  1. Label the re-closeable plastic bags to identify the      cereals. Pour one cup of each cereal into the appropriate bag.
  2. Using a rolling pin, crush each cereal into a fine      powder.
  3. Tape the magnet to the end of a spoon to create a      magnet wand.
  4. Pour one cup of water into one of the bags of cereal.      Using the magnet wand, stir the mixture for five minutes.
  5. After the five minutes, wipe the magnet unto a coffee      filter. Use the magnifying glass to look at the particles. Only iron      particles will stick to the magnet. Record the results.
  6. Clean and dry the magnet wand.
  7. Repeat Steps 5 – 7 using the other cereals.


the third step is to type/wright the  question, hypothesis, research, procedure, results, conclusion, and objective. When you are finished don’t forget to wright/type your bibliography.


  • Do breakfast cereals contain iron?
  • Is the iron in breakfast cereals the same as iron in a nail?


I predict that the cereals will not contain iron like the iron in nails or metal.


To investigate whether breakfast cereals contain iron

the fourth step is to build the visual aid/board.

you must put all the information on your board/visual aid. I will plan on making this on my second to last day of working on this project.




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✨Dream Power!

Hi fellow bloggers and readers. Today I am going to imagine what it would be like to have telekinesis. For the people who don’t know what that is, you can move things with your mind. The reason I would like this power is so I can be lazy and get things with out moving. Another dream power I would  like to have is the ability to have super speed. the reason I would whant this dream power is so I can wake up late for school and get ready in around 15 seconds!

If you had a dream power what would it be?  

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📕Divergent Insurgent Allegiant And Four!

christina booksHi fellow bookworms today I will be talking about my favorite book collection. It is called the divergent series by Veronica Roth. The story follow the life of Beatrice “Trice“ Prior, whi lives in the future of Chicago. Chicago is one of the only place that survived after the war, and the city is divided into 5 factions. The factions are called Abnegation (for the selfless) Dauntless (for the brave) Erudite (for the intelligent) Amity (for the peaceful) and Candor (for the honest). Trice is Abnegation ,Dauntless ,and Erudite she is Divergent. The current book series is being turned into a movie, Divergent was released as a movie around two years ago and insurgent will come out on march 20th 2015, the following books (Allegiant and Four) will be turned into movies later in the next 2/3 years. If you have read or seen this book and movie please comment down below and feel free to type your opinion!


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🌷A Row Of Roses!

Hi fellow art lovers. Today I am going to type to you about this image post. I have 3 images on my blog of flowers. The first is a painting.the second is a real life picture. The third is a drawing. The image post title is flowers but I narrowed it down to roses. I love flowers because they are one of the most beautiful plants on earth. What is your favorite picture ,painting ,or drawing? Please comment down below!


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💄Ready Set Gorgeous And Dream Wonder!

Hi fellow beauty lovers today I am going to talk about the beauty products that I recently bought at Target (btw I mentioned this in my prsg christinarevious post “target shutdown“). I ran out of my favorite foundation ,Marcelle Bb Cream and press powder Maybelline Dream Matte. Unfortunately these products have been discontinued, I can bye these products on eBay or kijiji but frankly I don’t feel like it! I have been wantidream wonder christinang to try Covergirls Ready Set Gorgeous collection, since everything was 30% off at Target I  decided to pick it up. I also replaced my press powder with the Maybelline dream wonder. I am not completely satisfied with the ready set gorgeous collection but it will do. The dream wonder was even better than the dream matte powder. I would highly recommend these products! If you enjoy these products or don’t please comment!

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😣Target Shuttdown?!

targetHi fellow blogers and shopping lovers, today I am going to dusscuss the Target shutdown all over Canada. The store Target is most like a Wal-Mart. About 7 months ago Americans brought the American franchize Target to Canada. I enjoy shopping their a lot. After around those 7 months the franchise is shutting down in Canada due to lack of costumers and money issues. I don’t know exactly when the store will be gone but everything is already on sale almost everything is 30% off. I recently went there a few days ago and got some beauty products (btw I will be doing a post on those products). Half the store is already cleared out. The reason this store is shutting down is because Canada is 50 times smaller than America and there is to much things hear for the number of the population. Would you or do you miss this store? Comment down below and feel free to leave your opinion. Photo credit Wikimedia commons.

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A Continuing Post!

Before I start this post, I would like to mention every few days I will be insurting new information and this post will keep continuing!

Eco-Friendly Designer Transforms Garbage Into Glamorous Outfits

Hi fellow fashion lovers, bloggers and readers to day I am going to talk about an eco-friendly designer who transforms garbage into glamorous outfits and possibly the new fashion. The designer is named Kristen Alyce, she is 28 years old. The idea of Garbage Gone Glam (the name of her clothing line) was inspired when she was living with her 2 room mates and she noticed all the garbage the produced every day (a lot). Kristen then put her creativity to work and made garbage gone glam, never thinking this could become an actual trend.

If you like to find out more on this story/post you can visit \Dogo News (just click this link)! http://www.dogonews.com/2015/2/23/eco-friendly-designer-transforms-garbage-into-glamorous-outfits

The following information is inspired by http://school.eb.co.uk/levels (Britannica School).

Fashion:A style that is popular in a time and/or place.

To be continued…


😣Nightmare At School!

christina at schoolI watched a video called nightmare at school by Catherin Arcand. This Is a silent film with background music and a lot of facial expressions to tell what is going on. In the film a boy wakes up startled and is immediately dropped of to a new school or high school in his nightmare. In the boys nightmare he experiences all the fears of his new school/high school. He gets frightened by doing oral presentations, finding his way through a big school, and goes through a series of embarrassing events. At the end of his nightmare the boy meats the principal and finds out the wonders of a new school or high school. After the principal has a talk with him the boy decides that a new school/high school isn’t that scary. The boy ends up facing his fear by walking to his class alone and then doing his oral presentation. After his nightmare the boy wakes up to his alarm clock, in his bed and then gets ready for his real first day of new school or high school.

I  cant say that I have no fears for high school, I do and I really appreciate Catherin Arcand for the making of this video. This video shows that not just one person is scared of a new school/high school. Please feel free to comment if you like you can tell me your new school/high school fears.


👐My Hands Help Me Do What I Love

My hands help me do what I love.

They are soft and cover my mouth when I cough.

My hands help me hold things that I won’t drop.

When the floor is dirty they help me control my mop.

My hands have nails that I love to paint.

They help me wright words like ain`t.

My hands help me do what I love.


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