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Samantha vanity deskI love make-up and I`m really good at it.  My closet is full of make-up and beauty products such as “Annabelle“, `Maybelline“, “Mac“, “Elf“ (eyes, lips, face) etc.  I like to use light and natural colors, but sometimes I experiment with crazy and bright colors.  Make-up is like art for your face and the more you practice the better you get at it.  We have a close family friend who is a make-up artist and I pick up tips from her sometimes. Here’s a tip when you do your make-up: always start with foundation and blush. After that move on to eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and then finish with your eyebrows. The most important thing is your lipstick because if your make-up is light, bright lips will finish the look! Make-up is my talent what’s yours?

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Samantha Beastly“A beast! Not quite wolf or gorilla or dog, but a horrible new creature with fangs, claws, and hair coming out of every pore. I am a walking monster … beastly!”

This is a quote from one of my favorite books the title is ” Beastly ”. The story is about a teenager named Kyle Kingsburry  who gets turned into a beast as a comeuppance this word means a  well deserved punishment. this book is the most intriguing thing I have ever read, its sometimes sad and their is a lot of cliff hangers. . Their is a big life lesson in this book and if you read it and you know what the lesson is please comment on my blog! My rating for this book  would  be a 5 star  that’s how much I love this book and reading  but I think it would always be easier to see the movie based on the book novel ! Tell me what is your favorite book ?



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Child Labor

I saw two videos about children who are forced to work in carpet factories and making Samantha Christina Child_labor_in_Islamabad_Pakistanbricks, this is called Child Labor. Children are sent away to go work so their family can pay the debts.

I, and my class are reading a book called ‘Iqbal’, it is about child labor and it is based on a real story. It is horrible for children to be forced to work, it is boring and tiring and on top of that it is very bad for their health, making carpets hurts their hands and their eyes when they stare at the carpet all day.

In the story of ‘Iqbal’, the little girl Fatima is being forced to work by the evil boss, Hussain Khan. Fatima and all the other children are sad in the factory. They have to work in the heat all day and they never get to see their families. Read the rest of this entry »

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samantha christina blog‘’Iqbal calmly turned around and cut the beautiful carpet from the top to bottom , right through the middle.’’

Why did he do it! Iqbal must of destroyed the beautiful blue bukara carpet for some reason. I think it’s because  he thinks being thrown in the tomb is better than being forced to work all day, or maybe he wanted to make a distraction so Hussain didn’t worry about the other child labors and they could all finally escape from the horrible carpet factory.

What do you think?



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